Each Implant is packaged in an aseptic vial and blister pack. It has two components head and screw which surface is sandblasted, large-grit, and acid-etched for optimal osseointergration.

The two-component system keeps the neck area from fracturing during implantation and removal, and the long span between the head and the screw body prevents gingival irritation during orthodontic retraction.

The shape of the upper part of the C-implant is especially important of clinician to apply to the various types of orthodontic treatments.
The screw measures 1.8mm in diameter and 8.5mm, 9.5mm, or 10.5mm in length. The entire surface, except for the upper 2mm, is sandblasted, large-grit, and acid-etched for optimal osseointegration.
The head measures 2.5mm in diameter and 5.35mm, 6.35mm, or 7.35mm in height. It contains a 0.8mm-diameter hole located 1mm, 2mm, or 3mm from the top of the screw. .